Udon Tebo Noodle Strainer Medium Mesh L36xD14 cm. (GC117-STRAINER55)

Medium mesh strains out for noodle.
Manufacturer: New Ocean
900.00 (Baht)
650.00 (Baht)

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Pizza Stone 13" by Laroma (LAROMA-133PCRC)

The Laroma Pizza Stone brings the taste of Brick Oven Pizza into your own kitchen! Ideal for baking fresh or frozen pizza, tortillas, bread, biscuits, and more, the Laroma Pizza stone can be used in conventional or microwave ovens. Our all-natural stone requires no seasoning or conditioning. It absorbs and heats evenly without hot spots for a delicious crust every time.
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Polycarbonate Plate Cover, Round Shape, Clear Color D9" (GC086-1069)

The virtually unbreakable, clear polycarbonate covers are lighter and quieter than metal plate covers and allow for easy viewing while keeping food hot and fresh. The plate covers are stackable.
170.00 (Baht) 100.00 (Baht)

Polycarbonate Cover for Non-Slip Tray, Rectangle for GC226-1520 - 47x33.5x14 cm. (GC226-8676)

This highly functional polycarbonate cover for dessert and cake making your dessert looks great!
800.00 (Baht) 480.00 (Baht)