Pizza Stone 13" by Laroma (LAROMA-133PCRC)

The Laroma Pizza Stone brings the taste of Brick Oven Pizza into your own kitchen! Ideal for baking fresh or frozen pizza, tortillas, bread, biscuits, and more, the Laroma Pizza stone can be used in conventional or microwave ovens. Our all-natural stone requires no seasoning or conditioning. It absorbs and heats evenly without hot spots for a delicious crust every time.
Manufacturer: Laroma
1,300.00 (Baht)
870.00 (Baht)
  • 13-inch diameter
  • Weight: 2.8 KG
  • Able to withstand high heat (up to 662f/350c)
  • Thickness: 10mm.
  • Includes stone, serving rack, pizza cutter
  • For use in conventional and microwave ovens
  • All-natural Cordierite stone
  • Requires no seasoning or conditioning
  • Create authentic brick-oven style pizza in your restaurant, home or backyard with your Pizza Grill stone. Also great for rolls, breads, quesadillas, tortillas, croissants, bagels, calzones, and many other foods.
  • The stone pulls moisture from the outer surface of the dough, helping you achieve a light & crisp pizza crust. It also holds heat especially well while distributing it evenly across the stone.
  • Rinse stone in warm water before first use. Preheat stone in your grill or oven for 15 minutes at 232c/450f.
  • Slide pizza or other foods on to the hot stone carefully. When cooking meats or fish, wrap with aluminium foil to retain fats & juices
  • Intended for grill/oven use only. Never use stone a range or cooktop. Always preheat stone before use. Do not place in a microwave.
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Allow stone to cool before cooling. Scrape off baked on goods with a plastic scrapper or spatula. Rinse stone with warm water. Do not use soap, as the stone is porous and will absorb the smell and taste of the detergent. Allow the stone to air dry completely before using again. The pizza stone will darken and retain some discoloration with use over time. This is normal and part of the stone's natural seasoning process. It will not affect the stone's performance of the taste of the food. Enjoy!!!
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