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10" Stainless Steel Strainer Fine Mesh (GC123-LX1792)

Fine mesh strains out even small food particles or sprinkles an even coating of flour, powdered sugar, cocoa and other dry ingredients.
390.00 (Baht) 255.00 (Baht)

Acrylic Sauce Bottle Mirage 108 ml. D5.5xH14 cm. (GC226-8356)

Great for restaurant and keep dining table organized
From 95.00 (Baht)

Baking Beans 600 gram/tub by Laroma (LAROMA-600PPT)

Ceramic Baking Beans prevent blistering and shrinkage and are especially helpful in making pies and pastry dishes. They are completely heat resistant and are re-usable.
165.00 (Baht) 110.00 (Baht)

Kitchen Digital Scale Max 5 kg 1g Unit. (GC280-KINLEE-EK03)

Weigh food items directly on the scale platform or utilize the scale's tare (zero) function, which eliminates the weight of a plate or bowl and makes cleanup a snap.
1,200.00 (Baht) 850.00 (Baht)

Libbey 15235 Gibraltar 12 oz. Cooler Glass-12/Case (GC300-15235)

This Libbey 15235 Gibraltar 12 oz. cooler glass is designed to be versatile enough to serve almost any beverage at any location! Whether you're serving milk, fruit juice, or a cold draft beer, these cooler glasses are sure to please.
80.00 (Baht) 50.00 (Baht)

Libbey 3011 Perception 14 oz. Tall Goblet-48/Case (GC300-3011)

Give your customers the best in stylish dining with the Libbey 3011 Perception 14 oz. tall goblet!
110.00 (Baht) 90.00 (Baht)

Libbey 3065 Perception 8 oz. Wine Glass-48/Case (GC300-3065)

Give your patrons the best, fullest wine experience with Libbey 3065 Perception 8 oz. wine glasses!
140.00 (Baht) 84.00 (Baht)

Libbey 3096 Perception 5.75 oz. Flute Glass-48/Case (GC300-3096)

Give your customers the best in stylish dining with Libbey 3096 Perception 5.75 oz. flute glasses!
120.00 (Baht) 90.00 (Baht)

Libbey 3779 Embassy 9.25 oz. Martini Glass-48/Case (GC300-3779)

For dining in style we recommend Libbey 3779 Embassy 9.25 oz. martini glasses. They make a great addition to any bar or table.
110.00 (Baht) 84.00 (Baht)

Pizza Stone 13" by Laroma (LAROMA-133PCRC)

The Laroma Pizza Stone brings the taste of Brick Oven Pizza into your own kitchen! Ideal for baking fresh or frozen pizza, tortillas, bread, biscuits, and more, the Laroma Pizza stone can be used in conventional or microwave ovens. Our all-natural stone requires no seasoning or conditioning. It absorbs and heats evenly without hot spots for a delicious crust every time.
1,300.00 (Baht) 870.00 (Baht)

Polycarbonate Clear Water Pitcher 1.4L D12.5×H20.0 cm. (GC216-JW-602)

Polycarbonate Pitcher is Good for ALL basic beverage serving needs, and Great for Hotels, Restaurants, Catering, Etc. It looks and feels like glass, but it is not glass.
240.00 (Baht) 160.00 (Baht)

Polycarbonate Midtown Margarita Glass 11 oz. D11.7xH16.9 cm. (GC226-8581)

Perfect for restaurants, bars, and professional caterers. These clear plastic tumblers are crafted to last year after year
130.00 (Baht) 80.00 (Baht)

Polyethylene Cutting Board White L48.0xW33.0xH2 cm. (GC086-1500-WHITE-48X33X2)

This chopping board is made to withstand the rigors of food prep
1,500.00 (Baht) 900.00 (Baht)

Rocking Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter with Hardwood Handle by Laroma (LAROMA-PC)

Make cutting and sharing your own perfect slices of pizza a breeze
320.00 (Baht) 210.00 (Baht)

Service Mat - Bar Mat Black L45xW30x1 cm. (GC216-JW-BMQ-BLACK)

A non-slip mat used for keeping the floor or counter top clean. The receptacle ends provide drainage for spilled drinks and provides a secure grip for wet glassware. Extremely easy to wash.
630.00 (Baht) 430.00 (Baht)

Stainless Steel Baking Sugar Heating Bowl Chocolate Melting Bowl 400 ml. (GC280-9925)

Melting chocolate is often the first step in making desserts. Most people seen that microwave heating can be uncontrollable sometimes. Water heating method is more favorable and sometimes more effective.
350.00 (Baht) 250.00 (Baht)

Udon Tebo Noodle Strainer Medium Mesh L36xD14 cm. (GC117-STRAINER55)

Medium mesh strains out for noodle.
900.00 (Baht) 650.00 (Baht)

Wilton Cake Lifter, 8-inch (GC280-CAKELIFTER8)

Wilton' Better Baking Tools. Essential tools designed to do more. Wilton's new Better Baking Tools are designed with proprietary features that make baking easier. Perfect for lifting large and heavy cakes. TPE over mold non slip handle and stainless steel blade.
450.00 (Baht) 300.00 (Baht)